Percorsi internazionali in Costellazioni Integrali® e Tecniche Evolutive


Altroove | Scuola per lo sviluppo delle qualità umane essenziali, da novembre 2017 ha avviato nuove collaborazioni internazionali. L’obiettivo di questa iniziativa è la condivisione naturale delle tematiche affrontate nei percorsi italiani, ma su un piano che non risente di limiti geografici o linguistici. Così nasce il primo percorso fuori dai confini nazionali a Sofia, in Bulgaria, in collaborazione con l’Institute for Integral Devolpement. 

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The basis of Integral Constellations and Evolutionary Techniques (Sofia, novembre 2017-2019) 

A program of six 4 days seminars, in two years.

I. First seminar (22-26 November 2017)

1. The essencial qualities

        1. Setting the field and introduction
          1. Encountering each other, entering the WE space 
          2. The group as a social body and as a social holon
          3. What are “constellations”: origins, purpose, effectiveness 
          4. Constellations as a sign of our time 
        2. First constellation experience: it is not magic. We are all connected. A unified field of experience
        3. The inner qualities and the attitude of the constellatory
        4. Basic elements of Theory U and AQAL as a roadmap
        5. Practices of presencing and mindfulness
        6. Connecting with others:  resonance, empathy, compassion, immedesimation, unification
        7. Authentic Movement: awakening the body wisdom and somatic practices for presencing and resonance.

2. Family Constellations. The roots in your heart. Connecting to the flow of life, through our elders and ancestors.

    1. The basics of family constellations, including an integral view to family relationships
    2. Orders of love, according to Bert Hellinger phenomenological approaches
    3. Human beings as a result of the line ancestors and karma influences
    4. What create harmony in ourselves and our family
    5. The transgenerational entanglements
    6. Blind love and generative love
    7. Connecting to our ancestors destiny and to the family spirit
    8. Finding compassion and ricovering energy and 
    9. Past, present and future in family constellations
    10. Time for students constellations
    11. Practice in small groups

II. Second seminar (14-18 March 2018)

1. Loving relationships: with partners, with children, with life.

          1. A loving couple: two souls spiritually entangled
          2. Meeting the “perfect one”: the systemic perspective
          3. Looking at the partner from the perspective of physical, subtle and spiritual body
          4. The positive circle of the happy couple: giving more, receiving more
          5. Gender identity in the couple: playing our role
          6. The six practices of the mindful and loving couple
          7. Relationship with children: what free their soul, what entraps it
          8. A structural constellation in working with couples: including one’s desires and fears in the relationship
          9. Parents blessing children: giving children their proper systemic place.

2. Evolving families: the structures of love

          1. How to face positively separations, divorces and keep safe children
          2. Complex families and children from past relationships
          3. Open, polyamorous and homosexual relationships
          4. Adoption and its unique dynamics
          5. Children from artificial inseminations and related issues (donators, DNA, biological confusion of roles)

III. Third seminar: OpenLabs and supervisions (27 June-1 July)


          1. Q&A’s
          2. Crystallizing concepts and knowledge
          3. Time for students constellations
          4. Experience and practice
          5. Supervision sessions 

Advanced Program

I. Fourth seminar (21-25 November 2018)

    1. Constellations for organizations, communities and ecosystems 
      1. Organizations as living systems
      2. Management constellations
      3. Team constellations
    2. The structure of the invisible: structural constellations for life and professional purposes
      1. The essence of structural constellations
      2. Abstract elements in constellations
      3. The triangle of Values
      4. The thetralem
      5. Problem structure constellation
      6. The hidden themes constellations
      7. …others
    3. Archetype Constellations:
      1. Working with archetypes
      2. Dream constellations
      3. Fables, legends and miths 

II. Fifth seminar (27-31 March 2019)

    1. Individual constellations and one-to-one session techniques
      1. What is different?
      2. Using representation techniques playing with space and objects
      3. Keeping the inner space of intuition
    2. One-to-one techniques
    1. Connecting from a deeper space
    2. The tools we use, the Tool we are:
      1. Languages
      2. Voice, sounds
      3. Hands, feet, gestures, movements, touch
      4. Body and inner Resonance
      5. Eyes
      6. Intent
      7. Attention
    1. Traumas and evolution: recognize and handle traumas 
    2. The further place: beyond fear and guilt

III. Sixth seminar (25-30 June 2019)

    1. Spiritual Constellations
      1. Birth-death-rebirth cycle
      2. Dying as a metaphor of human evolution 
      3. Working with body, soul, spirit
      4. Man structure: gross body, etheric body, astral body, I, Spiritual Self 
      5. Spiritual elements within constellations:
        1. Soul
        2. Higher Self
        3. Spiritual allies
    2. Karma, Dharma and Destiny
      1. The texture of life
      2. Obstacles as allies for evolution
      3. Our own evolutionary task 
      4. Representing Karma and Dharma in constellations